“BoardDocs has completely changed the way we do business. No more printing numerous agendas containing hundreds of sheets of paper and wasting staff time having to find old agendas or looking things up. It’s now at everyone’s fingertips, 24/7.”


– Teresa Johnson
Board Secretary, Mid-Continent Public Library, MO

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FACC 2017 Summer Conference & Academy, June 24-28 in Orlando, FL
MML Summer Conference, June 25-27 in Ocean City, MD
County & District Clerks Assoc. of Texas, June 25-28 in South Padre, TX
OMCA 63rd Annual Institute, July 17-18 in Cleveland, OH
NACo's 82nd Annual Conference, July 21-24 in Columbus, OH
CCAP Annual Conference, Aug. 6-7 in Erie, PA
ASBSD Annual Convention, Aug. 10-11 in Sioux Falls, SD
TAC 2017 Annual Conference, Aug. 22-24 in Austin, TX
15th Annual eGovLIVE Conference, Sept. 6-8 in Lake Las Vegas, NV
LCC 2017 Annual Conference, Sept. 13-15 in Sacramento, CA
IML 104th Annual Conference, Sept. 21-22 in Chicago, IL
CSDA Annual Conf. & Exhibitor Showcase, Sept. 25-28 in Monterey, CA
ISBA Annual Fall Conference, Oct. 2-3 in Indianapolis, IN
NYSSBA Annual Convention, Oct. 12-14 in Lake Placid, NY
PSBA School Leadership Conference, Oct. 18-20 in Hershey, PA
CSDA Board Secretary/Clerk Conf., Oct. 22-24 in Garden Grove, CA
ICMA's 103rd Annual Conference, Oct. 22-24 in San Antonio, TX
NJSBA Annual Workshop, Oct. 23-26 in Atlantic City, NJ
MASC/MASS Joint School Leadership Conference, Nov. 1-4 in Hyannis, MA
MCCA Annual Convention, Nov. 1-3 in Branson, MO
ISBA Annual Convention, Nov. 8-10 in Coeur d'Alene, ID
OSBA Capital Conference and Trade Show, Nov. 12-14 in Columbus, OH
VACo 2017 Annual Conference, November 12-14 in Hot Springs, VA
WSBA Annual Conference, Nov. 15-17 in Casper, WY
VSBA Annual Convention, Nov. 15-17 in Williamsburg, VA
WSSDA Annual Conference, Nov. 16-19 in Bellevue, WA
CCLC Annual Convention, Nov. 16-18 in San Hose, CA
IASB Joint Annual Conference, Nov. 17-19 in Chicago, IL
KASB Annual Conference, Dec. 1-3 in Wichita, KS
ASBA Annual Convention, Dec. 13-15 in Phoenix, AZ