2011.12.20: BoardDocs Update - Video

BoardDocs Video simplifies the task of managing and associating videos for private or public meetings. This is accomplished by providing easy-to-use tools that automate the process involved with delivering video over the Web. Through this enhancement, you will be able to easily associate video with each meeting and tag portions of the video directly to individual agenda items, all while displaying them through the organization’s BoardDocs interface. The public can then search for these meetings from any Internet connected location and view items on the agenda that interest them most.

BoardDocs currently supports YouTube, however this new feature has the ability to support other services as well. Video playback is supported across all BoardDocs supported devices.

How do I enable this feature?

Please go to Options > Video to enable Video. Then inform your users of the new feature.

How do I use it?

First, you'll need to upload your video to YouTube. (Your onsite technical support will be best able to assist you.)

Once uploaded, follow the steps outlined below to get started:

  1. Navigate to the YouTube website.
  2. Find the uploaded video to get it's YouTube ID.
  3. Click Share to display the videos URL.
  4. Highlight and copy the last part of the URL (highlighted in yellow)

  1. Log into BoardDocs and navigate to the meeting you wish to add video to.
  2. Click Edit Video*

(Please note:Document Publishers using Internet Explorer may get a security message. If so, choose 'Show all Content'.Navigate back to the meeting to click the Edit Video button again.Other authenticated users viewing video may get the same message. Check with your IT staff to see if this may be adjusted.​​)

  1. Enter the YouTube ID and then click "set". Now the video is associated with the meeting.

(Note:Removing the ID in this field removes the video from the meeting.)

Setting Markers (optional)

A list of public agenda items will display.At this point, you may preview the video. Click and hold the slider to move through the video to find specific marker times.Enter the video times that correspond to each item.

You can leave any of the hours, minutes and seconds fields blank. For example, if you just want to jump to 2 minutes, just put a 2 in the minutes field. No need to put 0 or 00 in the seconds field)

Click the view button to test video set markers. Only items you specify a time for will show in the playlist for the web visitor.

If you don't set markers, the video will still be viewable. It just won't have individual agenda item markers to select. This makes it easy if the publisher simply wants to post the video but not go through setting markers.

To save and close, click the.

Other notes:

  • When a meeting is duplicated, video data is cleared.
  • Entries in the video playlist are chopped to 100 characters (Categories and Item Names)

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