More Effective Policy Management Starts Here!

By Angela De Los Santos, Emerald Data Solutions Policy Specialist

Hello, again, BoardDocs Family! As a Policy Specialist, I work with a huge amount of policy content. If you are responsible for the maintenance and management of policy in your organization, I’m guessing you do as well. And while it’s possible you enjoy all things policy, like I do, it’s fairly unlikely (at least from my experience).

I’ve worked with many incredible leaders and professionals who are not afraid of hard work, who still cringe at the thought of working with policy. My first question when working with them is, “Do you really dislike policy? Or do you dislike the administrative tasks associated with maintaining policy?”

The answer is typically the latter.

It’s not unlike medical care. Physicians love treating patients, but most don’t love completing the paperwork associated with treating patients. Nobody goes to medical school thinking, “I can’t wait to get out there and start filling out forms!”

But there’s little denying the paperwork is necessary, so the best thing to do is make it easy and efficient.

That’s what I want to do for you. I want to make the “paperwork” part of policy easy, so you can focus on your patients - the policy content and the work of your organization.

In my last article, I promised I’d share with you my favorite, most efficient, policy editing tips and tricks. I want to start there because it will make navigating volumes of intricately formatted policy much easier.

So, some policy editing tips and tricks I love:

  1. Hovering over any of the tools in the content editing tool bar reveals it's function.
  2. There are right-click menus throughout BoardDocs. You can right-click on tables, links, numbered lists, etc. to reveal a menu and adjust properties, as desired.
  3. Understanding HARD RETURNS and SOFT RETURNS reduces frustrations.

    HARD RETURNS = ENTER. Hard returns break up relationships between lines of text and create new list items in a list.

    SOFT RETURNS = SHIFT + ENTER. Soft returns keep lines of text related.

    Ex.1 When you try to center or indent one line, SEVERAL lines center or indent. These lines of text are related to each other via SOFT RETURNS. To break them up to behave differently, insert HARD RETURNS where desired.

    Ex 2. You want a space between items in a numbered list, not a new list item. Insert a SOFT RETURN between list items.

  4. When you’re word processing, the tab key does things like indent and indent to create columns. But online, and in BoardDocs, the tab key moves you to the next field.You may have experienced this when completing an online form.

    So, to indent in BoardDocs, click on the line you wish to indent (to place your cursor there), then click on the increase indent tool in your policy’s content editing tool bar.

  5. Similarly, to create complex lists with multiple levels of indentation, you can use the same increase indent tool to stagger the desired list items.

    Once you’ve staggered list items, you can right-click on the desired list items and choose Numbered List Properties from the menu that’s revealed in order to adjust the sublist type (abc, 123, etc.).

    Alternately, you can select list items and use the Bullet List tool in the policy’s content editing tool bar to create bulleted lists or sublists.

  6. To change the sequence number of a list item, right-click on that list item, and choose List Properties from the menu that’s revealed. Here you can change the list type OR the sequence start number.

    For example, if you want an item to be C, but it is being assigned A. Set the Start to 3 (because C is the third item in the alphabet sequence.)

  7. This is a personal favorite of mine…..Double-clicking on a word, quickly selects the whole word. Triple-clicking on a line, quickly selects the whole line.
  8. To create columns, use the table tool in your content editing tool bar. (More on tables next time! They are helpful and fun!)

Chances are, at least one of these tips has you relieved, maybe even excited. If you want to talk about it, please contact me at 800-407-0141 ext. 3545 or Policy training with me is free, an included part of your BoardDocs services. And I love to help!

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