BoardDocs Supports Meeting Video

Now, System Users Can Easily Associate Archived Video with BoardDocs Agendas

ATLANTA (December 19, 2011) — BoardDocs®, the world leader and pioneer of eGovernance, has set a new industry standard with the ability to associate meeting video with BoardDocs agendas. The service enhancement allows BoardDocs Pro and LT users to easily share recorded meetings via services such as YouTube. The new video linking and tagging feature was released December 19th to all existing subscribers.

Meeting video simplifies the task of managing and associating videos for private or public meetings. This is accomplished by providing easy-to-use tools that automate the process involved with delivering video over the Web. Through the enhancement, users can easily synchronize video with each meeting and individual agenda items, all while displaying them through the organization’s BoardDocs interface. Stakeholders can then search for these meetings from any Internet-connected location and view items on the agenda that interest them most.

The latest release is one in a series of new enhancements for BoardDocs users. Earlier this year, the Company launched Social Sharing, a feature that provides the ability to share any Public item in BoardDocs via Facebook®, Twitter and eMail. It also enhanced its BoardDocs LT solution with XML feed capabilities to allow organizations to dynamically drive BoardDocs data into their Web site.

“We found a way to leverage existing cloud-based video services and allow organizations to enhance the stakeholder experience by viewing portions of meetings associated with a specific agenda item,” said BoardDocs President and Chief Architect, Ari Ioannides. “Our new graphic video interface allows a publisher to associate a video with a meeting, then add markers for each agenda item so stakeholders will be able to view the meeting video from the agenda item or the new BoardDocs video index.”

These recent developments demonstrate BoardDocs ongoing commitment to quickly respond to subscriber community requests. BoardDocs services provide subscriber interaction and customization that’s radically superior to the competition with features that deliver an overall richer user experience. Plus, BoardDocs next-generation services save organizations time and money, and enable them to operate more effectively from day one.

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