Using BoardDocs XML Feeds

Your IT department loves the simplicity of BoardDocs, but really wants to integrate information from BoardDocs into your organization's existing web site. Or alternatively, you may be looking to create custom reports with the data stored in your BoardDocs database. With XML you can do just that!

BoardDocs features several ways for subscribers to access data stored in their BoardDocs database outside of our standard interface. It's important to note that we only make public information available via XML. To view the private information, you still need to authenticatewith your username and password. It's also important to note that the information we provide in XML format will take you to the actual documents, meaning that theformatting of agenda items, library documents, or policiesis still handled by BoardDocs. Due to the technical nature of this information, you may want to direct this article to an ITprofessional within your organization. Ready? Let's get started.

Accessing BoardDocs
Let's start with how you can get to the information in BoardDocs. All BoardDocs customers have access to their information using a unique URL. The URLstructure across all BoardDocs sitesis essentially the same, but within each URL there is a unique section foreachsubscriber's site. Here is an example:<>/Board.nsf

You received your unique URL during your implementation. With that information in hand,you can extract thedataby appending additional codes after theBoard.nsf portion of your URL.

To see the public interface, simply append/Public to the end of the URL.To access the private interface, add /Private?open&loginto the end of the URL.

XML Links
Now that you have a little background, lets look at how you canretrive the RSS and XML information fromBoardDocs. You will needto add the following URL codes to the end of your unique BoardDocs URLs, after/Board.nsf.

List of Board Members*

Library Events*

Library General*

Library Goals*

All Active Meetings

Current Active Meetings (Featured)

Active Policies

Policies Under Consideration


The extracted XML does not represent all of the data that exists in the BoardDocs database, but rather includes summary information and links to the content delivered in XML format. Remember that these are not enabled web services, and there is no associated XSL, WSDL, or DTD, so formatting the lists is left up to you.

You can use applications like Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, and even Excel to build reports using the extracted data. For example, if you want a list of all policies that the board is considering, you cansimply export the Policies Under Consideration XML feed to Excel.

Click here to reference instructions on how to export an XML feed to Excel.

Somesubscribers are utilizing the XML feeds to customize the way they are using BoardDocs.Click hereto view the custom policyinterface created by the Park City School District.

Using XML, you can extractBoardDocs data and even build your own special front end interface that matches the look and feel of your existing web site.

*BoardDocs Pro Only
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