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Natrona County School District #1
Every Learner A Champion
The Natrona County School District, based in Casper, Wyoming, is Natrona County's only public school district, serving the education needs of about 11,500 students in preschool through 12th grade in the city of Casper, as well as the surrounding towns of Alcova, Bar Nunn, Edgerton, Evansville, Mills, Midwest, and Powder River.

At NCSD, we offer a wide variety of programs for our students. In elementary school, that means different teaching styles, activities, and academic programs. In middle and high school, students may find one-to-one computing, college-prep and college-credit courses, and career and technical education, as well as a wide range of sports and cocurricular activities. We also have a number of alternative programs to support students who have struggled in a traditional environment or who want to re-enter the educational system after dropping out.

The NCSD Board of Trustees, or school board, has identified four key goals to create a district where every learner is a champion:

- We will focus on excellence for each and every student and engage students, faculty, and staff in supporting and promoting that focus.
- We will build a system that monitors, supports, and enhances positive relationships between adult and students.
- We will maintain physical and mental safety for students, staff, and faculty.
- We will build strong, collaborative relationships with students, parents, and the community to support and promote student achievement.

Together, NCSD and its community is committed to making sure each of our learners has every opportunity to succeed and become a champion.

The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees holds two regular meetings each month on the second and fourth Monday starting at 7:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Special meetings at other locations are scheduled, as needed. All regular, special, and emergency meetings of the school board are open to the public, except executive sessions as defined by the Wyoming law. The public is welcome at each regular board meeting. Members of the public may address the board at the beginning of each regular meeting. Each speaker is allowed three minutes to speak.

Steve Hopkins, Superintendent

For more information, please contact Michelle Wallace-Frank.