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School District of New Berlin
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The New Berlin Board of Education usually meets twice a month. Both meetings are held at New Berlin West Middle/High School and are typically held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. This can vary with holidays.

The agenda for the board meeting will be posted on Friday prior to the scheduled Board of Education meeting.

Public informational documents on specific agenda topics will be posted by noon on Monday prior to the scheduled Board of Education meeting.

Board of Education Members:

Dave Maxey, President
Tom David, Vice President/Co-Liaison to the New Berlin City Council
Susan Manley, Clerk
Jody Kugler, Treasurer
Jeffrey Kurth, Co-Liaison to the New Berlin City Council
Nate Nickerson, WASB Representative, CESA 1 Representative
Amy Crosby


Joe Garza, Superintendent


Meeting minutes are accessible as an item in the following meeting's Consent Agenda.
To view:
> Click on a meeting date to the left.
> Click on "View Agenda" from the central panel. Agenda items will appear on the left.
> Scroll to the Consent Agenda.
> Click on “Approval of the Minutes of the Board Meeting on (date).”
> Click on the attachment to view the document.

For more information, please contact Diana Hanson.