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Everett Public Schools
Our Mission

Inspire, educate, and prepare each student to achieve to high
standards, contribute to our community, and thrive
in a global society.

Our Vision

Our students will lead and shape the future.
They will be well-rounded, healthy, and flexible thinkers with a global perspective who can access resources and collaborate. They will demonstrate empathy, pride, and advocacy for self, school, and community while respecting the diversity and worth of others. They will acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills to adapt to the emerging needs of a changing world.

For agenda translation, please call 425-385-4011. Leave a message requesting a Board Meeting Agenda translation and the date of the meeting.

لطلب ترجمة جدول الاجتماع، الرجاء الاتصال على الرقم 4011-385-425. اترك رسالة لطلب ترجمة لجدول اعمال اجتماع المجلس وتاريخ الاجتماع.

Чтобы получить перевод повестки дня, позвоните 425-385-4011. Оставьте сообщение-запрос на перевод Board Meeting Agenda (Повестка дня заседания Совета), указав дату заседания.

Para recibir una agenda traducida, por favor llame al 425-385-4011. Deje un mensaje solicitando la traduccion de la Agenda de la Reunion del Consejo y la fecha de la reunion.

Để thong dịch chương trinh, xin vui long gọi 425-385-4011. Để lại một tin nhắn yeu cầu thong dịch Chương Trinh Họp Hội Đồng va ngay của cuộc họp.

For more information, please contact Debbie Vanderwilt.