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Vancouver Public Schools
What they do:

The Board of Directors sets the policies for Vancouver Public Schools. In 2008, the Board adopted a new Mission Statement and Strategic Plan II, guiding the direction of the school district for the next five years and beyond. The Board also hires the superintendent, who reports directly to the Board.

When and where they meet:

Generally, the Board meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Most meetings are held at the Center for Educational Leadership, 2921 Falk Road, Vancouver, 98661, beginning at 5:15 p.m. A calendar of board meetings and agendas for upcoming meetings are posted on the district website, www.vansd.org. Additional board meetings and board work sessions may be scheduled throughout the year.

Board Meeting Minutes:

Board meeting minutes and Board recaps are posted in the library under the general tab.

How they govern:

Each board member serves on one or more committees to examine topics before they are put before the Board for a vote. Committees address policy issues and cover topics such as curriculum and facilities. What may appear to be quick acceptance or denial of a policy at the public board meeting, often is proceeded by hours, weeks, or even months of discussion and revisions at the committee level.

Annually, board members select a president and vice-president. The board president oversees the board meetings, using a parliamentary procedure. Meetings are open to the public and the media. Exceptions are executive sessions, which are limited by law to discussions that concern issues regarding legal matters, personnel, or property, in which public disclosure would be damaging to individuals or the general welfare of the district.


Board members are elected by the public to serve four-year terms. To be eligible to fill any of the five board positions, a person must reside within the school district boundaries and be a registered voter. If a board member leaves during a term, a replacement is chosen to fill that position until the next general board election.

Addressing the Board:

The Board welcomes comments from parents, students, and community members. Comments may be submitted through the Superintendent’s office by letter or by e-mail.

Concerns or issues should be brought to district staff members prior to going before the Board in a public meeting. If satisfaction is not achieved at the school level from the principal, a central office administrator should be contacted. When an issue has not been resolved at these levels, it should be communicated to the Board of Directors.

Public comments are taken at a designated time during the board meeting. Sign-up sheets are available at the meeting for those who wish to address the Board. When called to speak, go to the podium and state your name and address into the microphone. Comments are limited to three minutes. The Board will not make decisions regarding those comments during the meeting.