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Chesterfield County Public Schools
Message from Board Chair Dianne Smith to the Class of 2014 Graduates and Retirees / Public Comment on Proposed School Board Policy Revisions
“Each one of us is the sum total of every moment that we’ve ever experienced with all the people we’ve ever known. And it’s these moments that become our history.” – From “The Vow”

As the calendar turns to summer, we pause to reflect on a school year that has passed (quickly!), the time we have spent together and the accomplishments we have achieved. Things have definitely changed since many of you – students and employees – first entered into Chesterfield County Public Schools. While I’m sure some in the world would debate this, education has made significant progress since you joined the school division.

June is about celebrating your role in that progress. We are prepared to award high school diplomas to more than 4,200 graduates who we know are prepared for success; and perhaps are not so prepared to bid a fond farewell to approximately 250 school division employees who have each left a large impact on our school division.

To the students in the Class of 2014, we are reminded that some may think of graduation as a farewell . It is not; it is truly a fresh start toward your next steps. It seems like only yesterday we welcomed you into kindergarten or our school division, reassuring you as you crossed through the doors and saying, “It’s going to be OK. You’re going to do great at this.” And you have! Graduation is the reaffirmation that you were great in school. Whether you are entering college, joining the military or embarking on a career, your journey is starting anew and we look forward to watching your future successes.

To our retirees in the Class of 2014, you who have provided an astounding total of 4,714 years of service to Chesterfield County Public Schools, and we are reminded daily of the things you have done to make us a leader in public education – not just in Virginia, but across the country. Whether you are a classroom teacher, a building administrator, an office worker, support staff, a bus driver, a custodian or any other service provider, you have played a vital role in helping make Chesterfield County Public Schools an effective, efficient leader in public education. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the spoils – those that don’t include wiping students’ runny noses, grading dozens of essays or waiting for that 5 a.m. phone call to tell you that school is closed due to snow. Enjoy your time – retirement is a gift for all of your hard work and service.

So, whether it is today, tomorrow or 10 years from now, we hope that you look back with fond memories and realize that the sum total of experiences yielded a very good life.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Dianne Smith
School Board Chair

The School Board is actively soliciting public comment on revisions to several policies and regulations, as well as a new proposed policy. These can be found under the “Policies Under Consideration” tab.

The Policy Review Committee has reviewed and now recommends the approval of one new policy and revisions to the policies, regulations, and form that follow:

• Revisions to Instruction Regulation 3040-R, The Uniform Grading Standards;
• Deletion of Form 3140-F, Request for Part Time Enrollment;
• Revisions to Instruction Policy 3170, Standards of Learning Tests and Graduation Requirements;
• Revisions to Student Services Regulation 4010-R, Standards for Student Conduct;
• Revisions to Student Services Policy 4020, Attendance;
• Revisions to Human Resources Policy 5220, Vacation Leave for Twelve - Month Employees;
• Revisions to Human Resources Policy 5240, Personal Leave;
• Revisions to Human Resources Policy 5250, Professional Leave;
• Revisions to Human Resources Policy 5290, Short Term Leave Without Pay;
• Revisions to Human Resources Policy 5300, Leave of Absence Without Pay;
• Revisions to Human Resources Policy 5410, Leave Without Pay for Family and Medical Purposes;
• Revisions to Human Resources Regulation 5410-R, Leave Without Pay for Family and Medical Purposes;
• Deletion of Human Resources Regulation 5410 - E, Leave Without Pay for Family and Medical Purposes – Informational;
• Deletion of Appendix A, Section 22, Guidelines for Writing Job Descriptions;
• Revisions to Community Relations Policy 6137, Parental Rights and Responsibilities; and,
• Revisions to Operations and Finance Policy 7020, Sale of Food Items on School Premises.
• New Human Resources Policy 5431, Employees In and Applicants for Driving Positions.

Second reading and final School Board adoption for the above-named policies, regulations and form are scheduled for the June 24, 2014, regular School Board meeting. If approved, the revised policies, regulations, and deleted form will become effective immediately, as proposed, with the exception of Regulation 3040-R and Policy 4020. PLEASE NOTE: The revised Regulation 3040-R and Policy 4020 will apply to grades commencing with the 2014-15 school year.

Please provide your feedback to ccpsinfo@ccpsnet.net OR to the School Board Clerk’s Office at carol_timpano@ccpsnet.net. You may also call 748-1497.

For more information, please contact Carol Timpano.