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University of Mary Washington
Board of Visitors
The University of Mary Washington is a public corporation that by statute is governed by the Board of Visitors, one member of whom is elected every two years to serve as Rector. Comprising 12 members appointed by the Governor of Virginia, the Board is empowered to establish the mission and purpose of the University and to promote the general welfare of the institution. Some of the specific responsibilities of the Board of Visitors include appointing the President, determining institutional policies, setting faculty salaries, fixing tuition and fees, awarding degrees, approving changes to the curriculum and the Honor System, and overseeing the Internal Audit office.

The appointment of the Board of Visitors is set forth by the Code of Virginia, which requires that Board appointment be confirmed by the General Assembly. In addition, at least six members of the Board must be alumni of the University, and no more than three may be nonresidents of Virginia. Each member serves a term of four years and may be eligible for reappointment to one successive term.

Draft minutes are posted on the Important Documents tab to the left within 10 business days following every Board meeting. After the minutes are approved at the next regular Board meeting, they are attached to the applicable meeting agenda within three business days.

If you wish to communicate with the Board of Visitors, please contact Dr. Martin A. Wilder, Jr., Chief of Staff, by calling (540) 654-1301, sending mail to 1301 College Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA 22401-5300, or by clicking the link below for email.

For more information, please contact Chief of Staff.