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Kirkwood School District
Welcome to the Kirkwood School District Board of Education site.

As elected representatives of the citizens of the Kirkwood School District, the seven-member Board of Education serves as the governing body for the community's public school system. The school board sets district policies, selects the superintendent of schools, adopts the annual budget, and determines the tax rate.

An annual school board election is held in April. Board members serve three-year overlapping terms with two or three members elected each year. School board members, who receive no salary, are committed and concerned citizens who devote countless hours working on behalf of children and the educational interests of Kirkwood residents.

Members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend public meetings of the School Board to observe its deliberations. The Board generally holds business meetings in the Conference Room at the Kirkwood School District administrative offices at 11289 Manchester Road, Kirkwood, Missouri. Residents who wish to present their views to the School Board may submit them in writing or by e-mail.

Regular Board meetings are generally held on Monday evenings. For a list of Board meeting dates, please click HERE.

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For more information, please contact Leslie Kittles.