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Welcome to the Board of Education of Howard County
The Board of Education of Howard County is using the Internet to enhance governance and communication with the public through the use of BoardDocs. Documents for Board of Education meetings will be posted publicly three days preceding the meeting. The Board of Education of Howard County is responsible for setting local education policy consistent with state and federal laws governing public education. The Board is composed of seven members elected at-large for four-year terms, and a student member elected by students for a one-year term.

The following will inform you of the location of the numerous Board documents.

• “Feature” Tab: Current meetings of the Board; Documents folder which includes hot topics and frequently visited documents; Policies Under Consideration folder which includes policies under review by the Board; Events folder which includes the upcoming Public Hearings and Public Forum schedules along with preregistration instructions; and Board Members folder which provides Board member bio’s and contact information.

• “Meetings” Tab: All Board meetings and supporting documents; approved meeting minutes are posted in each individual meeting.

• “Policy” Tab: Active policies and policies under consideration for the current school year.

• “Library” Tab: Documents related to Board operations such as Quarterly Agendas, Board Handbook, Board monthly and yearly meeting schedules, Board Committees and Clusters, How to Contact the Board, Meeting Participation, Ombudsman Information, Budget Information, past Board members and Superintendents, Friends of Education Award, Legislative Platform, and Online Resources.

• “Search” Tab: Search BoardDocs under this feature by placing a word or short phrase in quotes.

If you have any questions or need assistance with BoardDocs, please contact the Board of Education Office at 410-313-7194. The Board Office fax number is 410-313-6833 and email is boe@hcpss.org.

For more information, please contact Board of Education Office.