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Frederick County Public Schools
We set the standard for public education.
In Frederick County, a seven-member elected Board of Education sets policy not otherwise controlled by federal and state laws. It reviews and approves education budgets that are presented to the Board of County Commissioners for funding and oversees local education expenditures from county, state, and federal sources.

The Board of Education also monitors the implementation of the school system's master plan, reviews the work of the superintendent of schools, and gives final approval to curriculum matters and materials, grant applications, staff additions and replacements, equipment purchases, land acquisitions, and school construction, repairs, and alterations.

Elected board members serve four-year staggered terms. The County Commissioners fill mid-term vacancies. The Board also includes a non-voting student member, a high school student selected by the Frederick County Association of Student Councils. A member of the Board of County Commissioners serves in a liaison capacity.

The Board welcomes and encourages public comment and will provide opportunity for public comment at the start of the Regular Meeting and following each Board action item. Comments are limited to three minutes per person, and one individual per organization will be allotted five minutes. Speakers may not yield all or part of their time to another speaker.

With the exception of confidential matters, citizens may speak about matters relating to the school system. If individuals have specific issues relating to actions of staff members, such concerns may be communicated to the Superintendent.

For more information, please contact Debbie Wachter-Harne.