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Lemont - Bromberek
Combined School District 113A
Board of Education members are community volunteers who give of their time and expertise for the good of the students. Because this elected position is voluntary no payment for their services is given.

Each member is an elected official who serves a four year term of office or is appointed when a vacant seat occurs. School Board elections are held in the spring of each odd calendar year.

Cindy Kelly, President (630) 257-2286 ext. 4512
Al Malley, Vice President (630) 257-2286 ext. 4513
Damon Ascolani, Secretary (630) 257-2286 ext. 4510
Brian Bushnell, Board Member (630) 257-2286 ext. 4516
David Deitemyer, Board Member (630) 257-2286 ext. 4515
Patrick Kerrigan, Board Member (630) 257-2286 ext. 4511
Dave Molitor, Board Member (630) 257-2286 ext. 4514

Dr. Courtney Orzel, Superintendent - (630) 257-2286 ext. 4605

For more information, please contact Colette Condon.