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Board of Education
Central DeWitt Community School District
The Central DeWitt Community School District Board of Education hopes you find our meetings informative. By attending, you will better understand how your school district operates. There will be discussions about student learning, curriculum, facilities, finances and staffing, among other topics. Your interest is appreciated. The public schools belong to you and your involvement is encouraged. Public participation and open lines of communication are vital to a strong school system.

Click on the Policies tab located at the top menu bar. The manual will open to show you the various series. Click on the series you're interested in, and that particular series will open to show you all the individual policies. When you have the Policies tab open, there will be a Search box at the top that allows you to search for any topic. We hope you find this new way of accessing our School Board Policy manual very helpful and user friendly.

Click on the Meetings tab located at the top menu bar. The meetings are categorized by year. Choose the year, then Board meeting date you are interested in. Another window will open.
Click on VIEW THE AGENDA -- NOTE: Even if you want to print a particular agenda item, start by clicking on VIEW THE AGENDA.
The Agenda Item Details window will open.
At the top above the words "Agenda Item Details" you will see left and right arrows that will help you navigate through every agenda item in numerical order. If you'd rather just click on the agenda item you're interested in, you can do so by finding it in the column on the left-hand side and clicking on it there.
If you want to print a particular agenda item, make sure that item is selected in this screen, then find the Printer icon located at the top bar to the right of the navigation arrows. Click on that Printer icon.
That takes you to another screen that should show the details of the agenda item you have selected. Up towards the top is the question, "What would you like to print?" Below that question are three tabs. The open tab should be "Current Agenda Item." If this is the item you want to print, select Print from your browser bar at the very top of your screen. It will then print this agenda item detail for you. If it is not the correct agenda item that you wanted to print, go back a step and select the correct one.
If you want to print the "Simple Agenda" then select that tab at the top of this page instead of "Current Agenda Item." Likewise, if you want to print the "Detailed Agenda" then choose that tab.

If you have questions about using Board Docs, please call 563-659-0700, or you may call Board Docs directly at 1-800-407-0141.

Your School Board
The Central DeWitt Community School Board has a five-member board of directors. The school board represents the people of the district as the legal body that establishes educational policies and sets goals and objectives for the district. The superintendent and staff under the board’s direction carry out these policies and goals. Terms are for four years and overlap to ensure continuity of board leadership. School board members receive no pay for their public service. The school board is accountable to you, the Central DeWitt CSD community, and to the state and federal government.

Board Meetings
Regular meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Middle School Media Center, 425 East 11th Street, DeWitt, Iowa. Board meetings regularly begin at 6:00 pm. Regular meetings are open to the public. The agenda for the meetings, along with other supporting documents, are shown on a projector screen so the public can see the same documents the board members are considering. These agenda and supporting documents are also available on the school district website at least 24 hours in advance.

Talk To Us! Public Forum is For You.
Public Forum is a specific time set aside at the beginning of each meeting for public communication to the board. At that time, interested people may present comments, suggestions or concerns, even if they are not on the agenda. However, an item must be included on the agenda before the board can officially act upon it. If individuals have comments about an item on the agenda, they'll have the opportunity to share them at that point in the meeting. Iowa law prohibits us from discussing a specific employee's performance at a public board meeting. Comments are limited to five minutes, including any interaction individuals would like to have with the board. If individuals have printed information to share with the board, they must provide copies to the school board secretary. Contact her at 563-659-4704.

The Superintendent
Superintendent of Schools Dan Peterson is the chief executive officer of the board, but does not vote. It is his responsibility to advise board members on all matters, to execute policies and decisions made by the board, and to operate the district so that all students receive an excellent education.

If You Have A Question Or Concern About The Schools
Citizens are encouraged to communicate with Central DeWitt Community School District educators and school board members. If you have a concern, the best place to begin is with those directly involved and responsible, usually at the specific school: the teacher and/or principal. It is there that most problems can be quickly and productively resolved. If questions still remain, please contact the superintendent. And, if you're convinced that further action is required, the board is available to hear your concerns.

If You Want To Be On The Agenda
The school board meeting agenda is set by the board president and superintendent. Individuals who wish to request an item be placed on the agenda should do so by writing Superintendent Dan Peterson, Central DeWitt Community School District, PO Box 110, DeWitt, Iowa 52742 or by email at the link shown below. Requests should include name, address, phone number, organization represented, purpose of the presentation or pertinent background information. To be included on a Wednesday night agenda, requests must reach the superintendent by noon on the previous Wednesday. The inclusion of items is at the discretion of the superintendent and board president.

For more information, please contact Superintendent of Schools Dan Peterson.