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City of Tallahassee
City Commission
Regular city commission meetings are typically held twice a month to conduct city business and provide citizens with an opportunity to participate in the government process. In addition, the commission meets for workshops on specific issues.

Mayor and City Commission

The mayor and city commission serve as the governing body of the City; they set policies and rules by which the City is operated, including establishing City goals and target issues, as well as setting City tax rates. The mayor and city commissioners each serve four-year terms. The terms of office are staggered, with elections held in even-numbered years (two seats during Presidential election cycles, and two others - plus the mayor - in mid-term election cycles). The mayor is considered to be a "leadership mayor", whose role includes presiding at city commission meetings, serving as the ceremonial head of the government, serving as the official head of the City for civil processes, and executing legal documents. The mayor is also considered the political leader of the government and is involved in dialogues and negotiations with county, state, and federal officials. Tallahassee's mayor is not considered a "strong mayor" because the position has no veto power and represents only one vote on the city commission.