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Denver Public Schools Board of Education
Every Child Succeeds!
We’ve moved! Board Study Sessions, Board Meetings, and Public Comment are typically held at the Emily Griffith Campus, 1860 Lincoln Street, unless otherwise posted.


MAY 2015
May 11, 2015 - Finance and Audit Committee - 4:30 pm
May 14, 2015 - Focus on Achievement Study Session - 4:00 pm
May 18, 2015 - Work Session - 4:00 pm
May 21, 2015 - Regular Meeting - 4:30 pm, Public Comment - 5:30 pm
May 29, 2015 - Special Meeting - 12:00 pm


The Board of Education encourages the involvement of community members in the public school system. One means for members of the public to assist the Board is by providing public comment to the Board on issues affecting the school system, especially issues directly affecting student achievement, budget policy, and those matters currently under consideration by the Board.

To provide a speaking opportunity for community members who are directly impacted by matters the Board will consider for action in May, the Board will organize the May 21 public comment session as follows:

• For each broad topic of public comments, a maximum of two hours will be allotted.
• If the number of requests for speaking time for a topic is greater than the two-hour maximum, then time will be allotted based on the following:
. • Direct impact to speaker of a Board decision this month
. • Order of contact to Board of Education office to request speaking time (i.e., first come, first served)
• If necessary, the time limit of three minutes may be reduced to allow for more speakers within the two-hour maximum per topic.
• General public comments on various topics will be listed separately.

In May, the Board of Education approves teacher renewal decisions. Based on the above description, here is how public comment will be organized for the topic of teacher renewal decisions:

1. Every teacher who is the subject of a renewal decision, and who wishes to speak on his/her own behalf, will have the opportunity to speak, regardless of the two-hour maximum.

2. If time allows within the two-hour maximum, after teachers speak on their own behalf, a teacher who is the subject of a renewal decision, and who wishes to have another community member speak on his/her behalf, may choose one community member to speak. Given the two-hour maximum, there is no guarantee that all teachers will have the opportunity for someone to speak on their behalf.

3. If time remains in the two-hour maximum after items 1 and 2 above are satisfied, then other community members may speak on the topic of teacher renewal decisions until the two-hour time limit is reached.

In order to address the Board, community members must sign up to speak. Please call the Board Office at 720-423-3210 by 5:00 p.m. the day before the public comment session. A list of speakers will be posted on BoardDocs the day of the public comment session.

JUNE 2015
June 1, 2015 - Special Meeting - 4:30 pm NOTE: THIS MEETING HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO JUNE 2, 2015 at 4:30 PM
June 4, 2015 - Focus on Achievement Study Session - 4:00 pm
June 8, 2015 - Finance and Audit Committee Meeting - 4:30 pm
June 11, 2015 - Special Public Comment - 5:00 pm
June 15, 2015 - Work Session - 4:00 pm
June 18, 2015 – Regular Meeting - 4:30pm, Public Comment – 5:30 pm


Persons wishing to address the Board during a public comment session must contact the Board of Education office no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day before the meeting for placement on the speaker's list and shall give the following information:

1. Name and telephone number
2. Item to be discussed
3. Group or organization represented, if any
4. Indicate whether he/she will be speaking pro or con

Each speaker will have three minutes to speak, groups of four or more people speaking on the same topic will have 10 minutes collectively - NO INDIVIDUAL IN A GROUP WILL BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK FOR MORE THAN THREE MINUTES. Substitutes are not allowed…only the person who signed up to speak may address the Board.

Videos of past meetings are available on BoardDocs. Videos are included on the meeting agenda (click "view agenda" and scroll down to the bottom).

Please view the Library Events section to view additional events that Board of Education members may attend.

Individuals with disabilities may call the Board of Education in advance of Board of Education meetings to request reasonable accommodations which may be needed.

Please note that agenda items are subject to change.


Welcome: Home Page for BoardDocs with general information. Current Board of Education meetings and Board Members are listed on the left side bar.

Meetings: Meetings will be listed by date on the left side bar. To view the agenda for the meeting, click on the meeting and options for viewing or printing will appear.

Policies: Board of Education Policies can be accessed from the Policies tab.

Library: General (District Information, Helpful Materials); Events; Goals (2009 Denver Plan); Board Members (Bios, Contact Information)

For more information, please contact Ramona Lewis, Board Liaison.