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Denver Public Schools Board of Education
Every Child Succeeds!
Board Study Sessions, Board Meetings, and Public Comment are typically held at the Emily Griffith Campus, 1860 Lincoln Street,
unless otherwise posted.


11/3 Focus on Achievement Study Session - 4:30pm

11/14 Finance & Audit Meeting – 3:00pm

11/14 Work Session - 4:30pm

11/17 Regular Meeting – 4:30pm; Public Comment – 5:30pm

For a complete listing of meetings, please go to the documents tab under featured.
Please note that agenda items are subject to change.



Persons wishing to address the Board during a public comment session must contact the Board of Education office no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day before the meeting for placement on the speaker's list and shall give the following information:

1. Name and telephone number
2. Item to be discussed
3. Group or organization represented, if any
4. Indicate whether he/she will be speaking pro or con

Each speaker will have three minutes to speak, groups of four or more people speaking on the same topic will have 10 minutes collectively - NO INDIVIDUAL IN A GROUP WILL BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK FOR MORE THAN THREE MINUTES. Substitutes are not allowed…only the person who signed up to speak may address the Board.


Prior to September 2015, videos are available by viewing the agenda and clicking on the last agenda item, Video. Beginning September 2015, you can watch the video from the meeting dashboard or from an agenda item.

To watch a video from the Meeting Dashboard, do the following:

1. Navigate to the desired meeting.
2. Click the Watch Video button on the Meeting Dashboard to display the Meeting Video window.
3. Mouse over the video window to display a list of the agenda items to which video segments have been assigned.
4. Select the video segment(s) you want to view from the agenda item list.
5. Dismiss the Meeting Video window when you are finished with your viewing session by clicking Close (X) in the window header.

To watch a video while viewing an agenda item, do the following:

1. While viewing an agenda, select the desired agenda item.
2. Click the Video tool (tv with antennae) near the top of the viewing pane to display the Meeting Video window and watch the video.
3. Dismiss the Meeting Video when you are finished with your viewing session by clicking the Close (X) button in the window header.


Welcome: Home Page for BoardDocs with general information. Current Board of Education meetings and Board Members are listed on the left side bar.

Meetings: Meetings will be listed by date on the left side bar. To view the agenda for the meeting, click on the meeting and options for viewing or printing will appear.

Policies: Board of Education Policies can be accessed from the Policies tab.

Library: General (District Information, Helpful Materials); Events; Goals (2020 Denver Plan); Board Members (Bios, Contact Information)

For more information, please contact Ramona Lewis, Board Liaison.