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Ventura County Community College District
Board meetings are regularly held the second Tuesday of each month at the District Administrative Center in the Dr. Thomas G. Lakin Boardroom, unless otherwise posted. The Chair has the discretion to change the agenda posted on the website, as deemed necessary. Please call (805) 652-5502 to verify the actual date and time.
Board of Trustees Meetings - 2015
January 17 . January 20 . February 10 . March 10 . April 14 . May 12 . June 16 . June 23 . July 14 . August 11 . September 8 . October 13 . November 10 . December 8

District Mission
The Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) is committed to assisting students in the attainment of its primary mission as a system of state supported two-year colleges.

The primary mission of the District is to produce student learning in lower division level academic transfer and career/vocational degree and certificate programs. Effective, efficient student support services are offered to assist in the accomplishment of the District's primary mission based on need and available resources.

Ventura County Community College District works to enhance state, regional, and local economic growth and global competitiveness within the pursuit of its primary mission. Additionally, workforce and economic development activities and services are offered based on need and available resources.

English as a Second Language instruction, remedial, adult education, and supplemental learning services that contribute to student success are offered and operated based on need and available resources.

Ventura County Community College District improves the quality of community life by offering not-for-credit, recreational, vocational, cultural, and civic programming based on community demand and available resources.

All District programs, services, and activities operate within a framework of integrated planning and budgeting. Ongoing, student learning outcome assessment and systematic program review are used to ensure District-wide excellence through sustainable, continuous quality improvement in compliance with its mission.

For more information, please contact Patti Blair, Office of the Chancellor.